Ed in Manhattan
Breakfast with Ed
DURING HIS MIGRATION TO FLORIDA this year, Ed stopped in New York. Instead of winging it directly to West Palm Beach as usual, he took the bus from Sagamore to Boston South Station and then the Northeast Regional to Penn Station—not, of course, the Penn Station that he had passed through, when returning to his Greenville, Mississippi duty station in 1944—but Penn Station nonetheless.
   In Times Square Ed marvelled at the flashing signs and activity, as even the most jaded of New Yorkers do and felt “surprisingly comfortable” as he sat a little folding table on Broadway. Later he took time to share a few more gems of his own and Sicotte family history.
Beginning in the spring of 2009,
Mayor Mike Bloomberg closed portions of Broadway to vehicular traffic & set out tables and chairs for pedestrians. Times Square Times Square
Ed steps out
and enjoys Times Square