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  • A Salute to Alfred A. Knopf

    A Salute to ALFRED A. KNOPF

    French-fold keepsake in honor of publisher Alfred A. Knopf, with the full text of Psalm 121 in English and Hebrew, using Ismar’s Photoletting typefaces: I will lift mine eyes up unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. … Offset, 1965. This keepsake is dedicated to Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher on his 50th anniversary by »more

  • David Hadash


    A long time coming, the complete family of David Hadash has been released by Monotype. It includes not only the nine faces (now called Formal, Script and Sans) in three styles in the original concept, but also three weights of Formal with Biblical marks. Read about it here and here and here.