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  • 1939 World's Fair coin

    Coin from the 1939 World’d Fair

    Simply an artifact from Ismar David’s life in Jerusalem and New York: 1939 World’s Fair coin, showing the Trylon and Perisphere on one side and George Washington’s first inauguration on the other (because the April 30 opening date of the fair coincided with the 150th anniversary of Washington’s inauguration.) Bronze On March 9, 1939, Ismar arrived »more

  • Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig coins

    Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig coins

    Simply an artifact from Ismar David’s life in Germany: 1924 Weimar Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig coins. In 1923, in an effort to stabilize Germany’s economic crisis, the Deutsche Rentenbank began issuing the Rentenmark. Backed by property and goods instead of gold, and despite not being legal tender, the currency gained the confidence of the population and »more