Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig coins

Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig

Simply an artifact from Ismar David’s life in Germany: 1924 Weimar Rentenpfennig and Reichspfennig coins. In 1923, in an effort to stabilize Germany’s economic crisis, the Deutsche Rentenbank began issuing the Rentenmark. Backed by property and goods instead of gold, and despite not being legal tender, the currency gained the confidence of the population and did indeed halt hyperinflation. On August 30, 1924, three days after Ismar’s fourteenth birthday, the Reichsmark became the new legal tender of Germany. The letter A designated a coin minted in Berlin; the letter F one minted in Stuttgart. The coins were struck in aluminum-bronze alloy.

 Rentenpfennig and Reichspfenning

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