Breakfast with Ed
Clifford Shirley Reitzel
Clifford Shirley Reitzel was my Primary Flight School instructor in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1943. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I recall visiting at his home and met his mother, with whom he lived. They brought out a large scrap book collection of Reitzel's exploits as a barn stormer and exhibition pilot. I think he also did some crop dusting. He told me of being a "wing walker" and had done some parachute jumping wearing bat man like wings.
   He crashed in 1947 about four years after instructing me and died ten years after the crash. I wonder if he was still flying at the Cape Girardeau flying school. I doubt if he would have been flying PT-23's as we did in 1943 because that would be an expensive plane in which to take civilian flying lessons. In the year that he crashed I was teaching flying at the Bolton Airport, Bolton, Massachusetts. We did have a PT-19, but most of our instructions were given in Aeronca 7AC's, Cessna's or Taylorcraft.
   Nobody used his first name. He was known as Shirley Reitzel.